Dolci Advertising creates the new Bisbigli A/I campaign

October 2017

Dolci Advertising takes on the communication for Bisbigli, a Linclalor brand with over 50 years of history, specialising in the premium nightwear, swimwear and underwear segment, with a brand new concept that emerges as a manifesto for the brand.

The agency had the task of creating the new advertising campaign and the promotional activity for both stores and social media platforms. Drawing on the deep affinity between the brand name, the company’s values and women’s natural attitude towards beauty, the concept “No need to shout to be you” was born.

It’s a concept that makes Bisbigli an ally, a partner and a spokesperson for all those women who love life and love to live every moment to the full, because they are confident about their identity and their sensuality.
No need to shout to be you becomes an invitation not to be afraid to have fun with one’s femininity, to indulge one’s ever-changing moods and, above all, to remain true to oneself. Because with Bisbigli at every woman’s side, a whisper is all it takes to thrill the world.

“We decided to talk about being a woman in the only possible way, naturally and without exaggeration,” says Marco David Benadì, Partner & CEO of Dolci Advertising. “In a society in which appearance is a lifestyle, we sought and created a positioning based on the essence of being a woman: a natural sensuality, a femininity that doesn’t need to shout to assert itself, and a personality free from aggression, provocation or ostentation.”

Under the creative direction of Barbara Guenzati and Guido Cornara, the project involved art director Carlotta Zaina, copywriter Alberto Politi, client partner Luana Dimonte, and photographer Marco Rufini.