Quando il coraggio cambia la storia di una marca

Are there men and women, brands and companies willing to risk and explore new paths? That is the question behind this book.

Success stories would not exist without courage. The courage to take one’s own idea and drive it forward. And courage cannot be taught. It arises from behaviour. It is an attitude, a tension, the belief that one has a chance. It is the acceptance of a challenge requiring ingenuity, sharing, and the creativity inherent in doing.

This book talks about courage and it does so by analysing famous marketing cases, where true courage, humility and speed of action have made it possible to turn potential failures into memorable opportunities for success.

From Levi’s to Mercedes, from Post-it notes to the famous episode of New Coke, “Quando il coraggio cambia la storia di una marca” aims to inspire us, to dare, to make space for change, always finding new ways to create success.

Marco David Benadì
Fausto Lupetti Editore