Oggi abbiamo lavorato bene. L’imprenditoria italiana che non si arrende.

In these times of “everything immediately” and”take the shortest route”, in this age of “short-termism”, there seems to be no more room for dreams. It is at times like this that we need to tellstories about people who have not been afraid to follow their own dreams.

Part of the series “L’italia che va a letto presto”, this book tells a story with a rich aroma of Olivetti to it. It’s the story of someone who took the baton from his father and transformed a simple turnery into a hi-tech factory where everyone works for everyone and ideas are never in short supply, continually satisfying the needs of new customers and new markets.

Where geographyand history work in synergy to shape the future.

It is the story of Fiorenzo Castellini, an entrepreneur who knows the value of dreams.

Marco David Benadì
Fausto Lupetti Editore