L’Italia che va a letto presto. Enrico Silingardi. Tutti i colori di una piastrella.

The first book of the series “L’Italia che va a letto presto”, a series that seeks to talk about the future through the stories of men and women who have battled, believed, experimented and dared, always with a gleam in their eyes and courage in their hearts. Stories where talent, courage and honesty have made the difference, stories which can guide us towards the future, showing our children the way forward.

In this first volume, “Tutti i colori di una piastrella” for the 60th anniversary of Sil Ceramiche, its founder Enrico Silingardi tells his story in an interview. An entrepreneurial success that is also a human success, an extraordinary story told with the simplicity and pragmatism typical of the Emilia region.

Marco David Benadì
Fausto Lupetti Editore