Prefolic Mamma – Since the dream of becoming a mom

Prefolic Mamma is a world that provides care and support to all women who dream of becoming a mom. That is why what we tell is the story of a dream. A dream that opens a window into a woman’s future. The moment she finds out she is pregnant, the unforgettable day of giving birth, her baby’s first steps, and the building, day after day, of a family full of love. Scenes of everyday life that are extremely personal and unique, yet so authentic that they are universal.

“This is not just another dream, but one that I hope will become a reality. Because my baby is with me, since the dream of becoming a mom”. These are the woman’s words when she realizes that everything she has just seen, for now, is still locked in a dream dimension.

But this does not discourage her. In a story where dream and reality meet to write the future, a newly found awareness is ignited in her.

The commercial is available in its full version on the Prefolic Mamma website.

It was also strategic, in its 15- and 6-second versions, as a digital adv campaign on Youtube and Network Programatic platforms and as an adv in apps dedicated to the female world and, more specifically, to pregnancy.


Production company – Reframe