Peppino’s secret

Stannah does not simply offer a functional benefit. With its stairlifts, Stannah restores a great pleasure: that of moving freely. Peppino, the protagonist of our little saga, knows this secret, and is happy to share it with Michele and Giovanni, his best friends, and with Gemma, to whom he is bound by a tender and delicate relationship. Over time, Peppino’s secret will become increasingly widely known, becoming an irresistible and contagious piece of knowledge.
The theme of Peppino’s secret has been amplified over the years with consistency and continuity, through a TV campaign in four episodes, press adverts, direct sales on Italian TV channels RAI, Mediaset and La 7, a radio campaign, and in-store communications, each time proving its freshness, effectiveness and versatility.

Stannah Italia

Photographer – Gianluca Giannone

Director – Leone Pompucci