Made by us

Fatti da Noi (Made by Us) is a non-profit social utility project, a project for life that Tenerità, in collaboration with the Foundation “Banco delle Opere di Carità”, launched on the Mass Market Retail market, with the aim of giving the youngsters in the fair trade workshop the opportunity to work alongside professional confectioners and to prepare traditional Italian sweets and desserts with their own hands, rediscovering the value of manual skill and craftsmanship.
The agency handled the project naming and designed the product packaging, in which powerful black and white shots of hands give their actions a certain gravitas, while the vibrant colours of the logo and descriptive boxes represent joy and the desire to give value to life.
At the same time, a video was produced for the sales force, in which the static images from the packs come to life, accompanying the story of the initiative.

Fatti da Noi

Sales force video – Domenico Piraino

Still life photographer – Vittorio Canisi