Io sono mio padre. Io sono mio figlio.

A very personal story that becomes a far-reaching universal reflection on the importance of maintaining a constant and conscious bridge across generations, one that must never be allowed to fall.

Enriched by the illustrations of Alessandra De Cristofaro, this work by Marco David Benadì warns us in a moving and unequivocal way that loss of memory is a sinister omen, a prelude torepeatingthe tragic mistakes of the past.

And he reminds us that preservation of memory, on the other hand, is the only safeguard and the only hope for those who come after us.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be entirely donated to support the activities of the Memoriale della Shoah in Milan, with particular regard to itsfundamental commitment to organise school visits totheBinario 21Holocaust memorial, thereby continuing to promote the priceless value of the continuity of memory in the younger generations.

Marco David Benadì
Proedi Editore