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Behind a healthy mouth, a smiling mouth, lies the excellence of Primo Dentistry Centres, specialised in the field of dentistry, orthodontics and oral hygiene. All the communication created for Primo reflects the mission that this highly professional dentistry organisation has set itself: namely, helping the world to smile.
The agency redefined the entire communication strategy, starting with a press campaign in an ironic, easygoing tone, and following it with a second corporate campaign that aimed to go further, elevating Primo’s mission to an out-and-out message of universal positivity. The agency also handled the restyling of the brand identity, redefining in-store, offline and online communication, devising a manifesto for patients and curating the entire brand architecture, the corporate image used in material for the public, scientific projects, specialised services and activities for both adults and children.

Centri Dentistici Primo

Photographer – Piero Perfetto