An orphan is not a stray

Every child who loses their parents. Every child abandoned in the street because their mother is forced to choose between her own life and that of her child. Every child who is deprived of their childhood by easily curable illnesses. Each of them is an orphan who, if he survives, is forced to live like a stray.This is why the Fondazione Angeli dell’Infanzia (Childhood Angels Foundation) based in Chaaria, Kenya, was founded to support the maternity ward of Chaaria Hospital and to help children from birth to independence, defending their right to life.
We helped the Fondazione Angeli dell’Infanzia promote its mission with a wide-ranging project including research and design of the name, logo, website, manifesto, corporate identity, in-store communication projects and event design for crowdfunding events.

Fondazione Angeli Dell’Infanzia