Dolci’s new generation

July 2017

Over the last year, the independent Italian agency Dolci Advertising has welcomed six new recruits, all under the age of 30. They bring with them the drive and belief to inject new life, new energy and new ideas into this well-established organisation, with their multidisciplinary, international background ensuring a fresh, innovative and resourceful approach to creativity.

And so the Dolci team is enriched by Lorenza Calcaterra, a client partner who graduated in Interpreting and Translation, with significant foreign experience in Los Angeles, Paris and Tunisia; Karolina Lipozenčić, a client partner of Croatian descent, who graduated in IT Business from the University of Singidunum in Belgrade, Serbia; art directors Davide Bombonato and Marco Signorile, both of whom graduated in graphic design and art direction from NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan; and copywriters Davide Palvarini and Nicolò Battaglia who, after their degrees in literature and philosophy respectively, earned a Masters in Copywriting and Advertising Communication from the IULM University.

With these new entries, Dolci Advertising carries forward its mission of shared growth, focusing on training and developing the skills of the most talented and promising young people.

Marco Benadì, Partner & CEO of Dolci Advertising says: “For us the year ends with the arrival of summer, like in the worlds of education and sport. As our final piece of news from this wonderful year, we are delighted to welcome six new employees who are worth far more than any new acquisition.”

(Photo caption) From left: Nicolò Battaglia, Marco Signorile, Karolina Lipozenčić, Davide Palvarini, Lorenzo Calcaterra, Davide Bombonato.